Chantal's Pet & Home sitting
In Willow's Memory

My passion for animals started a long time ago and with the years I realized that as a pet owner my needs were more than what a boarding kennel or pet sitter could offer. I decided to embarque in a new adventure and offer a large array of services for pet owners, just like what I would like for my own pets.

It all started shortly after my fourth birthday, when we got our very first dog, Smoky, a Husky/German Shepherd mix. Even though I didn't understand much about training or behaviour at the time, I was fascinated by Smoky. 


Smoky lived with us for about five years – we had to move and unfortunately he could not come with us. It was another twelve years before I purchased my very first dog, an 18 months old Beauceron, named Spiros. From then on I was always involved with dogs and always had them around me. Over the years, my passion to train and be involved with dogs grew steadily and I found myself very involved with many different canine clubs in France and Switzerland. However, my very busy career in finance didn't allow me to do more than train my own dogs. 


It was when my career became too invading in my personal life that I finally decided to make a big change, and in the Fall of 1997 I moved to Calgary. During the next two years I explored the many different avenues available to me in the areas of dog training and therapy. However, life was still not complete so I began looking for a new canine companion.  In February 1999, I had the wonderful opportunity to purchase my first registered Doberman Pinscher, the puppy of my dreams. Dana (BISS Ch. Royolyn Warrior’s Page) not only turned out to be the great show dog I had always wanted but also proved to be a great producer.


In the Fall 2000 I finally decided to go to the Arizona Canine Academy in Sierra Vista to refine my training knowledge. It was a fantastic experience and I had the great honour of learning and working with the renowned trainer, Rocky Boatman. After completing my training and becoming a Certified Canine Obedience Trainer & Pet Behaviourist I started my own company, Domtom Dog Services Inc.  This small business was dedicated to canine fanciers and offered obedience, training, pet behaviour evaluations & rehabilitation, as well as pet sitting. 


In July 2001 Zoé (CH Trymines Fashion Designer) was born and this cute little Doberman pinscher became part of our family.

In 2002 with the help and guidance of Carolyn Irvine of Royolyn dobermans, Dana had her first litter.  All seven puppies were raised in my home and it was a fantastic  and an incredible learning experience.  Following that breeding Dana was rewarded Dam of the Year  2003 by the Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada as well as by the Alberta Doberman Pinscher Club. It was also the year we adopted little George (Clearbrook Jungle George) a Rat Terrier that completed our little pack of dogs.


2005 was a great year. Willow (Ch. Freespirits Echo of Kurthaus) came into our house and was accepted right away by the rest of the family. I also planned my second breeding of Doberman Pinschers. All 8 puppies were raised in my home and it was another great experience. Following that breeding, Zoé was rewarded Dam of the Year by the Alberta Doberman Pinscher Club.


2007 was the year of changes. After 10 years in Alberta, I moved to Ontario in June and settled in Hamilton with my dogs.


The following year was a very sad year, as I lost my best friend Dana. She was beautiful, happy, and strong minded. Loved by all the dogs and people that came into our house, she was my protector and the joy of my life. She fought for many years with bad health but never complained. I have loved all of my dogs, but she will remain my special girl.

2009 was another sad year. In June, Willow died following a stay in a boarding kennel in Paris, Ontario. Then in August George was diagnosed with a rare cancer and we had to let him go. On a happy note, Giada (Domtom Giada the Globetrotter) was born in September and became a part of our family. Zoé, my old girl, was ecstatic to have a new puppy in the house. 2010 was hard – full of personal tragedies that took me back to Europe for most of the year. But after many sad months, a wonderful present arrived in autumn to raise our spirits. His name is Julius Caesar (Domtom Julius King of Clouds) Half-brother to Giada, they both shared the same Sire. He is the little clown we needed in the house.


While dealing with a life-threatening illness, that started late 2008, I started studying Reiki in Canada & Switzerland. I am now a fully trained Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher. I added this new knowledge to improve my training and behaviour protocol. I also use this knowledge to relieve anxiety when I offer pet sitting. 

June 2014 I moved to Ajax, and I am looking forward to continue helping owners in their search of the perfect harmony with their pets. I made it my goal to give pet owners a good alternative to boarding kennel after loosing Willow, I now dedicate my time to the wellbeing of the pet(s) I care for.

April 2015 I officially re-open my business in Ajax. 

I am looking forward to meet new pets and their owners in the Ajax, Pickering and Whitby area.