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In Willow's Memory

In 2009 as I was  travelling in Europe, I decided to board my 3 dogs. I chose a nice boarding Kennel in Paris , Ontario. that came highly recommended by a very good friend. I visited the place and booked 3 private rooms for my dogs, 2 Dobermans and a Rat Terrier. Several days before my scheduled return I received an email from my vet asking me if I knew about Willow being in her care and wanting to know how to proceed. I immediately called and found out that she was seriously ill and my vet was not sure what was going on since the information provided by the kennel was inconsistent. I changed my flights and returned home immediately. I visited Willow at the clinic but left her there as she was not doing well at all. The next day I picked up the other 2 dogs. I was so in shock about Willow that only much later did I realized that my Rat had been placed in an Xpen at the far end of the entrance and training hall instead of a private room as booked. That meant that he was in the middle of the noise, which I wanted to avoid in the first place. The following day I took Willow home for a few hours but she was so sick that I had to bring her back to the clinic. I noticed that she was vomiting green stuff, that looked much like cut grass. 

When I brought the dogs to the kennel I emphasized the fact that Willow could be very obsessive about things and never to let her outside unsupervised, make sure that the grass was not too long and to remove the cuts after mowing. 

As Xrays and ultrasounds were inconclusive we decide to have a better look with a scope. After only minutes through the procedure I was informed that part of the intestine and stomach were rotten due to grass fermenting. It was the morning of my birthday, Willow never woke up from the procedure as the damages were too extensive, she was just 6 1/2 years old.

The kennel never really told my clinic what happen, just that she started to be sick on Saturday evening and vomiting all Sunday. They never called their veterinary but waited until Monday to drive 1 hour to leave poor Willow at my clinic. It was obvious after the scope that she hate a very large quantity of freshly cut grass, which should have been noticed when cleaning her vomit. This crucial information might have saved Willow’s life.

I never got an apology from the kennel for what happened to my Willow, and I was charged for the private room even if my little George was in a corner of the class room where he had to endure the continuous noise during the days and evenings.